Reeves Collector's Corner

Welcome to the Reeves Collector's Corner, a special section dedicated to high-end, hard-to-find mouthpieces. Our collection features unique pieces from our private vaults, encompassing a rich history of brass music craftsmanship.

The mouthpieces in this collection hold a unique charm, including those personally owned by legendary figures such as Bob Reeves and Carroll Purviance. Each piece encapsulates a moment in the illustrious journey of brass music, waiting to be a part of your own musical voyage.

Our Collector’s Corner offers not just a product, but a story, a legacy, and a unique sound that has matured over the decades. These rare finds are now available for those who appreciate the rich history and the unique craftsmanship that accompanies each mouthpiece.

Explore the Reeves Collector’s Corner and discover a mouthpiece that doesn’t just create music, but narrates a rich history, ensuring a sound that stands apart in its elegance and resonance.