Reeves Collector's Corner: Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 6C Cornet Mouthpiece

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Bach Mt. Vernon 6C Cornet Mouthpiece: A Legacy of Unmatched Craftsmanship

Embark on a musical odyssey that transcends time with the Bach Mt. Vernon 6C Cornet Mouthpiece, an artifact that embodies the pinnacle of historical craftsmanship and sonic excellence. This piece is not just a tool for creating music; it's a bridge to a bygone era of artistry, offering a sound experience that's as rich in history as it is in tone.

Exquisite Condition

This venerable mouthpiece, safeguarded in our collection for generations, stands in remarkable condition. Its surface tells a story through light cosmetic marks and subtle indentations, markers of its genuine history and enduring legacy. The rim showcases near-perfect preservation, making it a collector's dream for both its rarity and historical significance. The silver plating is original and intact, ensuring that its visual allure and performance capacity remain as intended.

Its usage has been minimal, preserving the bore size at the standard #27, consistent with its original design. Minor imperfections on the shank's end, including a few small dents, do not compromise the piece's round shape or structural soundness. The slight irregularity in the backbore's roundness is indicative of the era's typical handcraftsmanship, enhancing its unique appeal and historical authenticity.

6C Cornet Mouthpiece Specifications

  • Cup Diameter: 16.2 mm
  • Cup Depth: Medium
  • Rim Shape: Medium width, gently rounded with a comfortably flat landing
  • Backbore: 10
  • Finish: Silver-plated

The Quintessential C Cup for Cornet

Featuring a medium cup depth and a diameter of 16.2 mm, this mouthpiece delivers a sound that's perfectly suited for the cornet's rich, lyrical passages. It strikes a harmonious balance between warmth and clarity, precision and depth, making it an ideal choice for musicians seeking to enrich their performance with both the character and the history of their instrument.

The Mt. Vernon Legacy

Manufactured during the iconic Mt. Vernon era, this 6C mouthpiece encapsulates a period of brass instrument production revered for hand-assembled artistry and exceptional quality. Each note played is not just a sound but an echo of a legacy, where the meticulous craftsmanship of Vincent Bach’s creations defined an age of musical innovation and excellence.

Own a Fragment of Musical Heritage

The Bach Mt. Vernon 6C Trumpet Mouthpiece is not a mere musical accessory but a piece of history. Every note played, every melody created, is infused with the legacy of an era where craftsmanship, artistry, and musical innovation converged to create instruments and mouthpieces of timeless excellence. Join this historical and musical narrative, where each performance is a step back in time and a dance through musical corridors of history and excellence.