YAMAHA Tom Hooten Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

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The YAMAHA Tom Hooten trumpet mouthpiece is quickly becoming a favorite mouthpiece for orchestra trumpet players around the world. 

"The new Yamaha Thomas Hooten trumpet mouthpiece is something I use everyday in my job at the LA Philharmonic. It allows me to be as diverse as I need to be from Copland or Mahler to John Williams. Once again Yamaha has created a tool for trumpet players that is consistent and even throughout the range. I recommend this mouthpiece to anyone that is looking for a full bodied orchestral sound that not only has depth but also enough color to help project in any situation."

- Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

YAMAHA Tom Hooten Trumpet Mouthpieces Specifications:

  • Rim Inner Diameter: 17.36㎜
  • Rim Contour: Semi-flat
  • Rim Thickness: Standard
  • Cup Depth: Semi-shallow
  • Throat: 3.80㎜
  • Backbore: Semi-wide

Made in Japan.