Vintage Purviance Trombone Mouthpiece

Vintage Purviance Trombone Mouthpiece

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Handcrafted trombone mouthpieces from the original tooling of master craftsman, Carroll Purviance. Available as a one-piece mouthpiece on the original Purviance outside shape for tenor trombone with small shank.

The 4*1 and 4*3 were originally designed for motion picture recording, and were equally popular for radio, dance, theater, and concert band work.

The 5*1 and 5*3 are ideal for symphony playing or any other work where a full, sonorous tone quality is required.

Purviance Trombone Mouthpiece Dimensions

Model Rim Inner Diameter Rim Width/Contour Cup Depth Bore


63/64", .984", 25mm Medium/firm bite Medium 1


63/64", .984", 25mm Medium/firm bite Deep D


63/64", .984", 25mm Medium/slightly rounded Medium 1


63/64", .984", 25mm Medium/slightly rounded Deep D

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