Vincent Bach 5G Trombone Mouthpiece Large Shank (Bach 341-5G)

Vincent Bach 5G Trombone Mouthpiece Large Shank (Bach 341-5G)

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Bach 5G Trombone Mouthpiece

Experience the harmonious blend of precision and passion with the Bach 5G Trombone Mouthpiece, meticulously designed for large shank trombones. While it's perfectly tailored for the renowned Bach 42 series trombones, its exceptional versatility has led the 5G to gain widespread recognition, becoming a favored choice for numerous other trombone models as well.

Key Features:

  • Large Shank Design: Originally crafted for the Bach 42 series trombones, this mouthpiece's large shank design stands as a beacon for large bore trombone enthusiasts everywhere.
  • Universal Acclaim: Thanks to its impeccable balance and sound production, the 5G is not only synonymous with the Bach 42 but has also found its rightful place on many other trombone models.
  • Balanced Sound Profile: Suitable for a diverse range of players, the Bach 5G delivers a consistent, even tone across all registers.
  • Precision Intonation: Its design ensures that players achieve accurate intonation, particularly shining in the upper registers.
  • Dynamic Sound Range: From its dark, rich undertones at high dynamic levels to its crisp articulation, the 5G covers the full auditory spectrum with grace.


  • Rim Diameter: 25.50mm
  • Cup Depth: Deep
  • Backbore: 429
  • Throat Size: 0.276"
  • Rim Profile: Medium-wide, semi-flat
  • Finish: Silver plated

The Bach 5G isn't just a mouthpiece – it's a commitment to musical perfection. Regardless of whether you're delivering a soulful solo or melding harmoniously in an ensemble, with the Bach 5G, each note will resonate with unmatched clarity, depth, and authenticity.