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Van Laar C1 Trumpet

      Van Laar C1 C Trumpet in Silver Plate: Precision and Elegance Combined

      Introducing the Van Laar C1 C Trumpet, a silver-plated marvel that embodies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and musical precision. Designed for the discerning musician who values clarity, responsiveness, and tonal beauty, the C1 is a testament to Van Laar's dedication to excellence in instrument making.

      Key Features:

      • Exceptional Precision: The C1 is renowned for its remarkable precision. Crafted to respond to the slightest nuances in airflow, it allows for the utmost expression and control, making it an ideal choice for advanced players.
      • Clear and Bright Articulation: Fast passages and trills emerge with unparalleled clarity and brightness, thanks to the C1's responsive design. Every note is articulated with crispness and ease, allowing for dynamic performances.
      • Elegant, Compact, and Open Sound: This trumpet produces an elegant sound that combines a compact clarity with an open, expansive quality. Its silver plating not only adds to its visual allure but also contributes to its vibrant, resonant tone.
      • Versatile Performance: Whether performing in an orchestral setting, a chamber ensemble, or a solo recital, the Van Laar C1 C Trumpet excels across a variety of musical genres. Its sound is both versatile and adaptable, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any performance context.

      The Van Laar C1 C Trumpet is not just an instrument; it's an extension of the player's breath and intention. With its exceptional responsiveness and tonal clarity, it elevates musical expression to new heights. Experience the fusion of Van Laar's expert craftsmanship and innovative design with the C1, and let your music soar.

      Van Laar C1 Specifications

      • L bore: 11.8 mm (0.465″)
      • One-piece hand-hammered bell
      • Bell material: yellow brass
      • Bell diameter: 122 mm (4.807″)

      Each trumpet is handcrafted in Margraten, Netherlands at the Van Laar factory. 

      Included with each Van Laar trumpet: Van Laar felt trumpet bag, cleaning swab and cloth, valve oil & slide grease, maintenance instructions, Van Laar pen.

      This instrument comes without a case.