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Denis Wick American Classic 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece: A Fusion of Size and Sound

Experience the unique combination of size, tone, and versatility with this great condition, used Denis Wick American Classic 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece. Silver-plated and boasting dimensions that set it apart from the conventional 3C, this mouthpiece is an excellent choice for both students and professionals seeking a quality sound with exceptional flexibility and projection.

Key Features:

  • Unusually Large 3C Design: The 3C mouthpiece is known for its versatility, but this particular model takes it a step further with its larger-than-usual size, enhancing tone and projection.
  • Cup Diameter: At 16.75mm, the cup diameter facilitates a full, rich sound, making it suitable for a range of musical styles.
  • Rim Width: The 5.27mm rim width provides a comfortable playing experience, ensuring maximum endurance without sacrificing agility.
  • Bore Size: With a bore size of 3.80mm, players can enjoy a free-blowing feel, allowing for greater expression and dynamic range.
  • Backbore: The V-type backbore contributes to the mouthpiece’s unique character, offering a warm, classic tone that's consistent across all playing ranges.

Vintage Style with Modern Precision: The Denis Wick American Classic series pays homage to vintage style with its traditional bowl-shaped outer profile. Yet, it stands in the modern world with its precision craftsmanship – a hallmark of Denis Wick. Each mouthpiece in this range is designed to produce a classic, warm tone, regardless of the rim size.

Ideal for All Players: Whether you're a student mastering the basics or a professional fine-tuning your artistry, this mouthpiece adapts to your needs. Its comfortable rim ensures long playing sessions are free from fatigue, while the overall design guarantees a sound that is both agile and robust.

Quality You Can Feel: Denis Wick's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of this mouthpiece. From the meticulous silver plating to the carefully crafted dimensions, the American Classic 3C is a testament to quality, offering players a mouthpiece that's not only high in performance but also rich in tonal quality.

The Denis Wick American Classic 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece stands as a versatile, reliable choice for any trumpeter looking to blend traditional sound with modern playability. Embrace its unique blend of size and sound for a playing experience that’s both enriching and exhilarating.

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