Ullvén Mutes Trumpet POPY Cup Mute

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Ullvén Mutes - Trumpet POPY Cup Mute

"The most easy blown cup mute I ever discovered, completely in tune. I'm happy to put my name to a real top product!"

- Maynard Ferguson

The Ullvén Popy Cup Mute is a versatile mute that can be adjusted to create a variety of tones with perfect pitch. With its adjustable cup, it can produce a range of sounds from a soft, warm tone to an open, bright and crispy sound that is rich in overtones. Additionally, the cup can be used as a plunger, and without it, the body of the mute can be used as a nice straight mute.

According to Mr. Gunnar Ullvén, the designer of the mute, "This mute gives the trumpet the sound of a French horn. With this mute, the brass player can cover 90% of the requirements, and it gives the soloist a greater space-sound. It has the capacity of increasing the overtones on the ground note producing a spherical or the so-called space-sound."

The Ullvén Popy Cup Mute is a wonderful mute that can be adjusted to cover all your needs. Whether you need a tight cup with a soft warm sound or an open, bright crispy sound with rich overtones, this mute can do it all. The cup can be used as a plunger, and without it, the torpedo/straight part becomes a nice "Straight" mute. Try it out for yourself and experience the range of sounds this versatile mute can produce.

About Ullvén Mutes

For over half a century, Ullvén & Co has been recognized as one of the top brands for mutes. Their mutes are renowned for their exceptional quality and have been appreciated and used by leading professional brass musicians. The company has an impressive history of working with famous trumpet players, including Dizzy Gillespie and Maynard Ferguson, who even contributed to the development of new Ullvén mutes.

Sadly, production of these extraordinary mutes ceased at the turn of the millennium, but now, almost 20 years later, trumpeter Lasse Lindgren has proudly resurrected the brand. Each Ullvén mute is handcrafted using the same specifications, tooling, and materials as the originals. This means that you can expect the same high level of quality and sound that made Ullvén & Co one of the most revered names in the business.

So if you're looking for a mute that's not only made with the utmost care and precision but also carries a rich history of excellence and innovation, look no further than Ullvén Mutes. Try one for yourself and experience the outstanding craftsmanship and superior sound that only a Ullvén mute can provide.