TrumCor Trumpet Sonic Vortex Mute

TrumCor Trumpet Sonic Vortex Mute

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TrumCor Mutes - Trumpet Sonic Vortex Mute

Introducing the TrumCor Sonic Vortex Mute - a groundbreaking new addition to your tonal library. Prepare to be blown away by the unique sound this mute can produce. With the Sonic Vortex, you have complete control over your tone, from a maximum, bright sparkle to a cool, smoky timbre.

This incredible range of timbres is made possible by the use of various materials and scientific principles. The fiber cone and maple resonator provide warm, resonant tones, while the spun aluminum base and vortex create a bright, sparkling sound. The perforated aluminum diffuser blends these tones together seamlessly for a modern, rich sound that is truly unique.

The name "Sonic Vortex" alludes to the various definitions of vortex - a mass of air that spins around very fast and pulls objects into its empty center. The Sonic Vortex Mute creates a similar effect with sound, pulling you in with its mesmerizing tonal range. But be warned - this mute is also like a dangerous situation in which you become more and more involved and from which you cannot escape. Once you try it, you will never want to play without it.

The TrumCor Sonic Vortex Mute is a game-changer for brass players. You have never played anything like it. Order now and experience the magic for yourself.

About TrumCor Mutes

TrumCor has been a leading mute-maker for brass players for over 20 years. Their mutes are used by renowned soloists and players from the world's greatest orchestras. TrumCor's fiber and metal mutes are carefully hand-crafted in Tennessee, Maryland, and Texas using specially selected materials to produce a muted tone that is in tune, vibrant, warm, and responsive, while preserving the unique sound quality of each instrument. Their durability and compatibility with other instruments make TrumCor mutes a valuable tool for brass players of all levels. With a wide variety of styles and sizes available, TrumCor can accommodate almost every model of brass instrument or school of playing.