The Boom Method Vol. 1 - by Daniel Rosenboom

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The Boom Method, Universal Fundamentals for Trumpet and Other Instruments, by Daniel Rosenboom,  is a practical approach to trumpet fundamentals developed as a way to address the range of technical challenges presented by a multi-faceted career involved in many different kinds of music.

Rosenboom arranged the book in sequence to be used as a continuous practice routine; however, isolating any of the individual section can also be beneficial.


  • Activation: Warm-Up and Air Engagement
  • Integration: Expanding the Warm-Up with Technical Challenges
  • Flexibility and Control
  • Expansion: Composite Scale Studies for Efficient Maintenance and Improvement
  • Bonus Round: Pentatonic Pairing by Sri-Tone
  • Resolution: Relaxation and Cool Down

Praise for The Boom Method

"Dan Rosenboom is a wonderful player and musician. His technique is flawless, his ideas are creative and amazing. The book that Dan has created, is full of things that will expand anyone's playing tremendously." - Jon Lewis, Los Angeles Studio Musician

"Dan Rosenboom is one of the finest trumpeters I've had the privilege to work with. The Boom Method is a great representation of the things Dan has practiced to mold him into the virtuoso musician he is today. All the material is laid out in a practical fashion with thorough explanations of the goals at hand. As a student of the trumpet, I'm looking forward to diving into this material myself!" - Wayne Bergeron, YAMAHA Performing Artist, Los Angeles Studio Musician

"The contents of Dan's book are a great resource for those students that aspire to have the tools to be able to handle anything that's put in front of them." - Barry Perkins, Principal Trumpet, Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Studio Musician

"Dan Rosenboom is one of the most incredible young players I have ever met. Technically, he was a student of mine. In reality, I learned from him! This is an enlightened methodology by a truly gifted practitioner of musical art who simply happens to play trumpet!" - Jens Lindemann, International Soloist

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Trumpet Section loves The Boom Method:

"The Boom Method offers insight into the approach of a talented, focused, creative and successful musician. Dan is the guy you call for any situation, wether it's new music, orchestral standards, jazz, or anything in-between. For today's ever-increasing musical and technical requirements, this book offers a great mix between solid fundamentals and "bonus round" material for the advanced player, making sure we are prepared for all the possibilities that may come our way." - Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"Rosenboom is more than a trumpet pedagogue, he's an innovator. The Boom Method will inspire you, humble you, and remind you why you started making music in the first place." - Christopher Still, 2nd Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Founder of Honesty Pill Online Courses for Musicians

"In an increasingly crowded market of trumpet methodology, Dan Rosenboom has produced something quite creative, unique and diabolically challenging. It may sound cliche, but his book really does offer something for players of all levels. Dan is a great all-around trumpet player in high demand in Los Angeles, and now he's provided a peek into how he has attained his freakish skills. He has gone into great detail to describe exactly how these exercises should be approached, so the conscientious student should be able to realize quantifiable progress if they exercise discipline and restraint. Highly recommended." - James Wilt, Associate Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

About Daniel Rosenboom

Dan Rosenboom is an internationally recognized trumpet player, composer, and producer. He is known as a prolific member of the Los Angeles creative music scene, having released more than 25 albums of original music as a solo artist and bandleader and has supported over 60 artists across 100 releases on his label, Orenda Records. Rosenboom frequently performs in Hollywood Studios for major film and television soundtracks, highlighted by the latest Star Wars trilogy, with such notable composers as John Williams, Danny Elfman, James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri, and Alexandre Desplat. He has also performed often with such elite ensembles as the LA Philharmonic, the LA Chamber Orchestra, and the LA Opera. His own music eschews genre distinctions and draws from such disparate influences as jazz and Black American Music, metal and experimental rock, contemporary classical music, folk music from around the globe, and a broad range of progressive music from the avant-garde. He studied at the Eastman School of Music, CalArts, and UCLA, where he earned advanced degrees in music. The Los Angeles Times has called Dan Rosenboom “a musician dedicated to exploration and expression, regardless of anyone’s imagined boundaries,” and “a phenomenon.”

As a composer, Rosenboom has been recognized with grants and awards from the American Composers Forum, ASCAP, the Meet the Composer Foundation, and the Yvar Mikhashoff Trust for New Music. As a bandleader, he has brought his music to such renowned stages as the Monterey Jazz Festival, Angel City Jazz Festival, Jazzfestival Saalfelden and Jazz em Agosto. Working closely with LA icon Vinny Golia, and with his own Balkan jazz-rock group PLOTZ!, and improv band DR. MiNT, as well as many other projects, Rosenboom has solidified his place as a pillar in LA’s music community.

Rosenboom’s iconoclastic protest band Burning Ghosts has drawn international attention for their rousing blend of experimental jazz, punk, and metal as response to modern socio-political ills. To date they have released four albums, including one on John Zorn’s legendary Tzadik label, and have toured in the US and Europe. In a review of their self-titled debut, Something Else Reviews dubbed them “the Rage Against the Machine of jazz.”

Rosenboom is an advocate for progressive music education. He currently teaches at UCLA and Pasadena City College, and his own pedagogy book, The Boom Method: Universal Fundamentals for Trumpet and Other Instruments, Vol. 1, was published by Balqhuidder Music in 2019. His writing has also been published in John Zorn’s Arcana IX: Musicians on Music on Tzadik.