The Berp #3 for Trumpet

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B.E.R.P. #3 for Trumpet: The Ultimate Practice Companion

Enhance your trumpet skills with the B.E.R.P. #3, a specially designed buzz extension and resistance piece that’s as practical as it is effective. Whether you're a beginner looking to develop proper breath support or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, the B.E.R.P. #3 is tailored just for you.

Build Your Breath Support:
The B.E.R.P. #3 aids trumpet players in developing essential breath support by offering resistance while buzzing, allowing you to practice in the instrument’s natural playing position. Your journey to richer, fuller, and more controlled tones starts here.

Ear-Training Benefits:
Gain the dual advantage of honing your buzzing skills while simultaneously moving your trumpet's valves to match the pitches. This synergy of actions reinforces the connection between buzzing and playing, offering an immersive auditory learning experience.

Efficient Clamp Mechanism:
Ease and efficiency are at the forefront with the B.E.R.P. #3. The clamp attaches firmly to your trumpet’s receiver, enabling a swift transition between buzzing and actual playing. It’s compatibility with round, hex, or convex-shaped openings ensures a secure fit for every player.

Customized Resistance:
Specifically designed for trumpet players, the resistance dial can be adjusted to offer personalized resistance levels, promoting a good buzz and mirroring the instrument’s natural feel. The B.E.R.P. #3 evolves with your progressing skills, making it a lifelong practice companion.

Exclusive Insights from the Creator:
For a deeper dive into the world of B.E.R.P., catch our interview with Mario Guarneri, the creator, in episode #21 of The Other Side of the Bell. Explore the thought process, innovation, and expert tips straight from the mastermind behind this revolutionary practice tool.

Make every practice session count with the B.E.R.P. #3 for trumpet, your partner in the journey to impeccable breath control, enhanced ear training, and ultimately, musical mastery.