S.E. Shires Q13S C Trumpet - Silver Plate (TRQ13S)

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Shires TRQ13S C Trumpet: The Essence of Versatility and Richness

Introducing the Shires TRQ13S C Trumpet, an instrument that embodies the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern performance. Designed to excel in a variety of musical landscapes, from the grandeur of orchestral stages to the intimate settings of solo and chamber performances, the TRQ13S is a testament to the versatility and excellence for which S.E. Shires is renowned.

A Masterpiece of Sound and Agility:

  • Centered Bell Taper: The Q13 bell, a 4 13/16-inch masterpiece, is hand-hammered with a centered taper in yellow brass, featuring a round brass bead. This bell design is crucial for producing a sound that is full and rich, yet remarkably agile across all registers, enabling musicians to navigate the complexities of their repertoire with ease and expression.

  • Optimized Leadpipe: Equipped with a Q leadpipe that boasts a .347-inch venturi in heavyweight yellow brass, the TRQ13S offers an open and free-blowing experience. Well-defined slots and an easy response ensure precise intonation and effortless playability.

  • Enhanced Sound Characteristics: The addition of nickel-silver balusters and valve caps not only elevates the instrument's visual appeal but also enhances its sonic qualities. These features contribute to a sound that is brilliantly clear, with a solid core and an immediate, clean attack.

Specifications Designed for the Discerning Musician:

  • Key: C, offering the clarity and projection needed for complex orchestral works as well as the subtlety required for solo and chamber music.

  • Bore Size: The .462-inch bore strikes a perfect balance between resistance and openness, facilitating a responsive feel and a broad tonal palette.

  • Precision Engineered Components: The hand-lapped monel pistons ensure smooth, reliable action, while the standard weight two-piece casings with nickel balusters enhance the trumpet's durability and resonance.

Elegance in Every Detail:

  • Artistic Finish: The silver-plated finish not only protects the trumpet but also accentuates its sleek design, complemented by the S.E. Shires maker's mark, model designation, and a traditional floral pattern bell engraving that signifies its elite craftsmanship.

Complete Professional Setup:

  • This trumpet comes equipped with a Q Series trumpet case, mouthpiece, and care kit, providing everything needed to maintain the instrument in optimal condition, ready for any performance scenario.

The Shires TRQ13S C Trumpet stands as a beacon of musical excellence, offering players a versatile instrument that does not compromise on sound quality, responsiveness, or aesthetic appeal. Whether leading an orchestra, captivating an audience with a solo piece, or blending seamlessly in chamber music, the TRQ13S promises to be an indispensable companion in your musical journey.