S.E. Shires Q10RS Bb Trumpet - Silver Plate (TRQ10RS)

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Shires Q10RS Bb Trumpet: A Harmonious Blend of Response and Warmth

Introducing the Shires Q10RS Bb Trumpet, a distinguished member of the esteemed Shires family that takes the renowned TRQ10S model and elevates it with a unique twist. Featuring a reverse leadpipe, this trumpet is engineered to enhance the player's response and soften the blow, making it a remarkable instrument for musicians seeking unparalleled ease of play without sacrificing sound quality.

Exceptional Design for Optimal Performance:

  • Reverse Leadpipe: The Q05R reverse leadpipe, with its .345-inch venturi in heavyweight yellow brass, is designed for open and free-blowing playability. It ensures well-defined slots and effortless response, making even the most delicate passages accessible.

  • Warm, Singing Sound: The Q10 bell, a 4 13/16-inch one-piece, hand-hammered "Q" (centered) taper in yellow brass with a round brass bead, contributes to the trumpet's ability to produce a warm, singing sound with marvelous projection across all dynamics.

  • Dynamic Versatility: Whether delivering powerful forte passages or gentle piano tones, the Q10RS maintains its characteristic warmth and focus, offering a veiled sound at lower dynamics without losing clarity.

  • Enhanced Tone and Attack: Nickel-silver balusters and valve caps not only add brilliance and character to the instrument's sound but also increase its core, contributing to the cleanliness and immediacy of attack.

Key Specifications for Discerning Musicians:

  • Key: B♭
  • Bore Size: .459 inch, creating a perfect balance between resistance and open playability.
  • Valve Material: Hand-lapped monel pistons ensure smooth, fast action and reliability.
  • Valve Cluster: Standard weight two-piece casings with nickel balusters enhance the trumpet's durability and sound projection.
  • Artistic Finish: The silver-plated finish not only adds to the trumpet's aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its bright, clear tone.

Elegance in Every Detail:

  • Each Q10RS trumpet is marked with the S.E. Shires maker's mark, model designation, and a traditional floral pattern bell engraving, symbolizing its craftsmanship and quality.

Complete Package for the Modern Trumpeter:

  • The Q10RS comes with a Q Series trumpet case, mouthpiece, and care kit, ensuring that everything the discerning trumpeter needs for performance and maintenance is at their fingertips.

The Shires Q10RS Bb Trumpet stands as a testament to S.E. Shires' commitment to providing musicians with instruments that not only meet but exceed their performance needs. Ideal for a wide variety of musical settings, this trumpet is the perfect choice for the musician seeking an all-around instrument that combines ease of play with a rich, expressive sound.