S.E. Shires Q Series Large Bore Tenor Trombone w/Rotary Valve (TBQ30YR)

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S.E. Shires TBQ30YR Large Bore Trombone: The Quintessence of Versatility and Sonic Brilliance

Introducing the TBQ30YR from S.E. Shires, a large bore trombone that encapsulates the essence of versatility, clarity, and projection. Crafted with the professional trombonist in mind, this instrument stands as a beacon of S.E. Shires' renowned craftsmanship, delivering a playing experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Clarity and Projection: The QTY bell, an 8½-inch, two-piece, hand-hammered “QI” taper in yellow brass with soldered bead, produces a clear, singing tone. This bell design ensures superb projection and unparalleled clarity, making the TBQ30YR a standout in any performance setting.

  • Robust and Broad Sound: Equipped with a .547 bore handslide in standard weight yellow brass, the TBQ30YR offers a sound that is both broad and penetrating, yet retains its clarity, color, and projection across all dynamics.

  • Crisp Articulations: The addition of a nickel handslide crook enhances the instrument's response, ensuring that articulations are crisp, clean, and brilliantly executed.

  • Focused Comfort: The standard rotary valve design maintains focus and coherence throughout all registers, ensuring a seamless transition into the valve register without sacrificing comfort or playability.

  • Versatile Performance: With its balanced design and superior tonal qualities, the Q30YR is equally at home in a symphonic setting, a jazz ensemble, or a solo recital, offering a level of adaptability that is ideal for the versatile trombonist.

Additional Specifications:

  • Bell Design: QTY 8½-Inch, Two-Piece, Hand-Hammered “QI” Taper in Medium Weight Yellow or Gold Brass with Soldered Bead.
  • Handslide: QW47 .547-Inch, Standard-Weight Yellow Brass; Nickel-Silver Wide Crook.
  • Valve: Rotary F, ensuring fluid passage through all registers.
  • Interchangeable Leadpipes: Three interchangeable yellow-brass leadpipes (1, 2, 3) offer customizable resistance and response.
  • Aesthetic Touches: Featuring the S.E. Shires Makers Mark, model designation, and a traditional floral pattern, adding elegance and distinction.

Complete Package: The TBQ30YR comes with a Q Series Trombone Case, mouthpiece, and care kit, ensuring that your instrument remains in pristine condition.

The S.E. Shires TBQ30YR Large Bore Trombone is not just an instrument; it's a testament to the legacy of excellence that S.E. Shires represents. Whether you're performing in an orchestra, a chamber group, or as a soloist, the TBQ30YR offers the performance, versatility, and quality that the world's leading trombonists demand.