S.E. Shires Custom 4S8 C Trumpet - Silver Plate TR4S8-S - $200 Discount!

S.E. Shires Custom 4S8 C Trumpet - Silver Plate TR4S8-S - $200 Discount!

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S.E. Shires 4S8 Custom C Trumpet

The S.E. Shires Model 4S8 C Trumpet is a masterfully balanced instrument, ideal for orchestral playing. Designed to deliver a powerful, brilliant, and complex sound, this trumpet excels in any musical setting. Its distinctive "4" bell, featuring a steel bead wire, ensures projection and tonal richness that will captivate any audience.

This trumpet is discounted because it does not come with a case.

Key Features:

  • Bore: .462 inch for a responsive and full-bodied sound.
  • 4S8 Bell: 4 13⁄16 inch, one-piece, hand-hammered "4" (open) taper in standard-weight yellow brass with a traditionally brazed (side) seam, steel bead, and dual-radius bell bend for enhanced resonance and clarity.
  • WEB Leadpipe: .349-inch venturi in lightweight yellow brass, offering a warm sound with an open, free-blowing feel and easy response.
  • W Tuning Slide: Dual-radius bend with flanged braces and a standard water key, providing a centered core, brilliance, and presence of sound.
  • Piston Material: Hand-lapped Monel for smooth and reliable valve action.
  • Valve Cluster: Two-piece casings with standard weight and yellow-brass balusters, adding warmth to the sound.
  • Lower Valve Caps: Made of nickel silver for durability and tonal quality.
  • Bell Engraving: Features the S.E. Shires maker's mark, model designation, and traditional floral pattern for an elegant appearance.

The S.E. Shires 4S8 Custom C Trumpet combines the finest elements of classic New York and Mt. Vernon trumpet design with the consistency, playability, and projection that have made S.E. Shires trumpets a favorite among professionals worldwide. Experience unmatched craftsmanship and superior performance with this exceptional orchestral trumpet.