S.E. Shires Colin Williams Artist Model Large Bore Tenor Trombone (TBCW)

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"I love this instrument, I know that I can rely on my Shires for everything I need to do. It has let me take risks and find my voice, and I’ve never been happier playing!" -Colin Williams

S.E. Shires TBCW Colin Williams Artist Model: The Pinnacle of Custom Craftsmanship

Introducing the S.E. Shires TBCW Colin Williams Artist Model Tenor Trombone, a magnificent instrument that represents the apex of trombone craftsmanship. Developed through the collaborative genius of Colin Williams and the master craftsmen at S.E. Shires, this trombone is a testament to the pursuit of the perfect sound, embodying the rich, heroic essence of the New York low brass tradition.

Masterful Design for Unparalleled Sound:

  • Responsive CW Bell: The 8.5-inch two-piece, lightweight yellow-brass bell, featuring a hand-hammered “TI” taper with traditionally brazed seams and an unsoldered bead, offers an effortlessly responsive feel. Its design, thinned toward the edge of the flare, produces a broad, encompassing sound that remains warm and full-bodied even at robust dynamic levels, without veering into harshness.

  • Harmonic Clarity: The inclusion of the 2SS sterling silver leadpipe, a preference of Mr. Williams, enhances the trombone’s harmonic profile, offering clarity and definition to the sound that is both articulate and expressive.

  • Warmth and Depth: Complemented by a gold-brass TG tuning slide, the instrument gains an additional layer of warmth, enriching its overall tonal character and aligning with the artist's vision.

  • Efficient and Responsive Handslide: The .547-inch, standard-weight yellow brass TW47 handslide, paired with a nickel-silver wide crook, ensures smooth, responsive action, allowing for precise articulations and seamless transitions.

Custom Features for the Discerning Musician:

  • Versatile Leadpipe Options: Players can choose between the sterling silver 2SS leadpipe for a singular, refined sound or opt for one of the three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes to tailor the instrument’s response and feel.

  • Artisanal Engraving: The Colin Williams Model custom engraving on the bell not only signifies the instrument’s exclusivity but also celebrates the collaboration between the artist and S.E. Shires, marking each trombone as a unique creation.

Complete Professional Ensemble: This model is accompanied by an S.E. Shires tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit, ensuring that this exquisite instrument is protected, maintained, and ready to play at the highest levels of performance.

The S.E. Shires TBCW Colin Williams Artist Model Tenor Trombone is not merely an instrument; it is a masterpiece of design and performance, offering an unparalleled playing experience. For the trombonist seeking to capture the essence of the heroic New York low brass sound with an instrument that responds to every nuance of their artistry, the Colin Williams Artist Model stands alone as the pinnacle of custom trombone craftsmanship.