S.E. Shires Alessi Signature Q Series Large Bore Tenor Trombone w/Rotor Valve (TBQALESSI)

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“I’m very excited about the Alessi Q Series which we’ve tested.  This instrument features unique parts that are not found anywhere else.  It is a wonderful professional line instrument at an affordable price!”

Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

Shires TBQAlessi Signature Model Tenor Trombone: A Masterpiece of Artistry and Innovation

The Shires TBQAlessi Signature Model Tenor Trombone, developed in collaboration with the renowned Joseph Alessi, represents a pinnacle of trombone craftsmanship, blending professional-grade quality with accessibility. This instrument embodies a revolutionary approach to design and materials, tailored to meet the exacting standards of one of the world's leading trombonists.

Key Features:

  • Collaboration with Joseph Alessi: Designed in close partnership with Mr. Alessi, this model reflects his vision of an ideal trombone, mirroring the excellence of Custom Series instruments but at a more accessible price point.

  • Revolutionary Design: The QAlessi bell features an 8.5-inch, two-piece, lightweight yellow brass construction with an unsoldered bead and special annealing treatment, optimizing projection while enriching the instrument's tonal warmth and breadth.

  • Innovative Alessi Q Series Rotary Valve: Incorporating a gold brass F-attachment slide, the newly designed rotary valve enriches the trombone's sound with depth and density, complemented by the clarity and stability characteristic of top-tier rotary valves.

  • Gold Brass Tuning Slide: Adds layers of complexity and warmth to the instrument’s overall sound, enhancing its expressive capabilities.

  • QAlessi Handslide: Crafted from a meticulous blend of alloys, the .547-inch, standard-weight gold brass handslide with a yellow wide crook achieves an unparalleled balance of consistency, clarity, and timbral flexibility.

  • Versatile Performance: Engineered for ultimate versatility, this model excels across musical genres, offering performers the dynamic range and expressive capacity to stand out in any ensemble or solo setting.

Additional Specifications:

  • Interchangeable Leadpipes: Comes with three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes, allowing for tailored resistance and response to suit any playing style.
  • Custom Engraving: Features a custom S.E. Shires Joseph Alessi Model engraving, signifying its exclusive design and artisanal pedigree.
  • Complete Package: Includes a Q Series tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit, ensuring that this exquisite instrument remains in pristine condition.

The Shires TBQAlessi Signature Model Tenor Trombone is more than an instrument; it's a testament to the fusion of artistic vision and innovative craftsmanship. Offering performers the ability to explore new dimensions of sound with ease and confidence, it stands as a symbol of excellence for those who demand nothing but the best. Embrace the legacy of Joseph Alessi with this signature model and redefine your musical journey.