Reeves Collector's Corner: Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 12C Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 12C Trumpet Mouthpiece: Unleash the Symphony of History

Immerse yourself in a world where history, craftsmanship, and exemplary performance converge, with this lightly used Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 12C Trumpet Mouthpiece. This  gem, echoing the grace of time and the legacy of the Mt. Vernon era, offers musicians the unique opportunity to not just play but to perform history, to echo the unparalleled craftsmanship of an iconic age with every note.

Condition and Aesthetics

This piece, boasting good used condition, showcases minimal plating loss at the end of the shank, attesting to the 95% preservation of its original, silver allure. Minor cosmetic dings and scratches narrate its historical journey, a testament to its authenticity, yet none impairing the supreme playability that defines this exquisite piece.

Bach 12C Trumpet Mouthpiece Features

  • Instrument: Trumpet
  • Model: 35112C
  • Series: Standard
  • Plating: Silver, 95% preserved
  • Cup Diameter: 15.2mm
  • Cup Depth: Medium
  • Rim Shape: Broad and Flat
  • Bore: #27 - 3.66mm
  • Backbore: #10

A Symphony of Brilliant Tones

The Bach 12C is renowned for its brilliant tone, a haven for trumpeters required to delve into the forte of the upper range. It stands as a sanctuary for players with heavy, weak lips, transforming the challenging high tones into a dance of effortless melody.

The "C" Model Distinction

The rich, full, clear tones of the 12C trumpet mouthpiece are accentuated by the #10 backbore. It’s a choice piece for versatile players who alternate between Bb, C, and D trumpets, offering a consistent, exemplary performance across varied musical terrains.

The Legacy of Mt. Vernon

Every note played with the 12C mouthpiece is not just a sound but an echo of the Mt. Vernon era – a time of handcrafted mastery and musical innovation. This piece, with its historical markings and preserved aesthetics, is a portal to an age where each mouthpiece was a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

Your Historical Companion

The Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 12C Trumpet Mouthpiece invites you into a world where the melodies of history and the performance of today converge. It’s not just a piece but a companion in your musical journey, offering a touch of history, a whisper of legacy, and the unyielding promise of exceptional performance with every note. Step into a narrative where the echoes of the past enrich the melodies of the present and future.

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