Reeves Collector's Corner: Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 3 (no letter) Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Bach Mt. Vernon 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece: A Harmony of Vintage Craftsmanship and Timeless Performance

Step into a sonic world woven with the rich tapestry of history, with the used Bach Mt. Vernon 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece. This piece, though marked by time, continues to stand as a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship, offering a unique blend of historical elegance and musical prowess.

Condition and Craftsmanship

This used gem, showcasing the graceful touch of time, retains the allure of its craftsmanship. The rim and cup, though adorned with some nicks and scratches, tell a story of a cherished musical companion that has voiced countless melodic tales. A meticulous burnishing process has refined the rim, smoothing the high points of the blemishes while preserving the integrity of its original contour.

The silver plating, still gleaming with 100% preservation on the rim and cup, bears witness to the mouthpiece’s enduring elegance. On the shank, some plating wear narrates its journey through time, yet none of these natural signs of use impair the mouthpiece's esteemed playability or historical charm.

Bach Mt. Vernon 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece Features

  • Instrument: Trumpet
  • Plating: Silver
  • Cup Diameter: 16.3mm
  • Cup Depth: Deep
  • Rim Shape: Medium Wide
  • Bore: #27, 3.66mm
  • Backbore: #10

A Symphony of Deep, Resonant Tones

With its large, deep cup and signature #10 backbore, the Bach 3 invites musicians into a world where each note is a harmonious blend of rich, full, and clear tones. Despite the signs of use, every melody played is a testament to the mouthpiece’s enduring musical excellence.

A Piece of Musical Heritage

The Bach Mt. Vernon 3 is not just a trumpet mouthpiece but a fragment of musical heritage. Each performance is a journey through time, where the notes of the present are enriched by the echoes of a historical legacy of craftsmanship and sonic excellence.

Your Musical Companion

Embrace a musical experience that transcends time, with a trumpet mouthpiece that, though marked by the gentle touches of use, continues to offer a performance as rich, full, and clear as the day it was crafted. The Bach Mt. Vernon 3 awaits to be not just your instrument accessory but your companion in a journey where each note is a dance of history and contemporary musical excellence.