Reeves Collector's Corner: Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 1 (no letter) Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 1 (no letter) Trumpet Mouthpiece

Craftsmanship and Performance

Step into a world of unparalleled musical excellence with the Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 1 Trumpet Mouthpiece. This immaculate piece, a rarity in the modern world, offers musicians a blend of historical craftsmanship and contemporary performance precision. It isn't just an instrument accessory; it's a bridge to an era of musical artistry and meticulous craftsmanship, making every performance a dance through historical and musical corridors.

Pristine Condition

Adorned in its original splendor, this Mt. Vernon 1 mouthpiece boasts a 100% original plating, a testimony to its immaculate preservation with only very minor surface scratches. The rim, smooth and untouched, echoes the exquisite artistry of its creation era, while the shank, round and unblemished, accentuates its pristine condition. The elegance of this piece is further amplified by the sole meticulous alteration of opening up to a #24 bore, enhancing its performance precision.

Key Specifications

  • Cup Diameter: 17.5mm
  • Cup Depth: Deep
  • Rim: Medium-thin, smooth
  • Plating: Original, 100% preserved

A Symphony of Tone and Volume

Designed for the discerning player with a thin, robust embouchure, the Mt. Vernon 1 is not just a mouthpiece but a symphony of tone and volume. The extra-large cup, a testament to the meticulous design, transforms every note into a rich, voluminous sound, making every melody a narrative and every performance, a journey.

The Mt. Vernon Legacy

Every note played with this mouthpiece isn’t just sound but an echo of the historical Mt. Vernon era. A time of handcrafted mastery, where the creation of each mouthpiece was a labour of love, precision, and unparalleled artistry. This piece, immaculate and preserved, is a rare gateway to a musical age defined by excellence and innovation.

Your Journey to Musical Euphoria

The Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon 1 Trumpet Mouthpiece is an invitation to a transformative musical experience. Every note is a dance of history, craftsmanship, and exceptional performance. It's a companion for the modern musician rooted in the echoes of historical artistry. Step into a world where every performance is a journey, and every note, a dance through the corridors of musical and historical excellence. Your odyssey to a world where the past enriches the melodies of the present awaits.

About the Reeves Collector's Corner

Welcome to the Reeves Collector's Corner, a special section dedicated to high-end, hard-to-find mouthpieces. Our collection features unique pieces from our private vaults, encompassing a rich history of brass music craftsmanship.

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