Reeves Collector's Corner: Vincent Bach Corp (No Period) 3C Cornet Mouthpiece

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Experience the quintessence of vintage brass craftsmanship with the Vincent Bach Corp 3C Cornet Mouthpiece, a remarkable artifact from the golden era of brass manufacturing. Crafted between 1965 and 1969, as indicated by the distinct "Vincent Bach Corp" stamp (notably without a period), this mouthpiece is a testament to a period renowned for its unparalleled commitment to quality and sound excellence.

Condition Overview: The mouthpiece is in exquisite condition, a rare find for collectors and musicians alike who seek a piece with historical significance and impeccable performance. The rim, cup, and backbore are in superb condition, ensuring that the player can achieve a clear, resonant tone characteristic of Vincent Bach's design philosophy.

A singular, small ding on the outer rim serves as the only mark upon its otherwise impeccable surface, a minor imperfection that does not impede the instrument's playability or sonic clarity. Importantly, the plating is completely intact, preserving the mouthpiece's original appearance and contributing to its longevity and sustained quality of tone.

Key Features:

  • Rim Diameter: .641", 16.30mm, offering a comfortable fit for a wide range of players, facilitating ease of play and consistency in performance.
  • Cup Depth: Medium bowl-shaped cup, designed to produce a rich, full-bodied sound that blends beautifully in ensemble settings while also capable of standing out during solo performances.
  • Rim Width: Medium wide, providing a balanced feel that reduces fatigue and allows for extended periods of playing without discomfort.
  • Bore (Throat) Size: 27, a specification that contributes to the mouthpiece's versatile sound projection and responsiveness across the cornet's range.

This Vincent Bach Corp 3C Cornet Mouthpiece is not just an instrument accessory; it is a piece of musical history that embodies the innovation and craftsmanship of its time. Its preserved condition, combined with its rich, responsive sound, makes it an exceptional choice for both the discerning collector and the passionate musician. Whether used in performance or treasured as a collectible, this mouthpiece offers a unique opportunity to own and play a significant piece of the Vincent Bach legacy.