Preowned Brushed Gold Van Laar OIRAM Trumpet

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Pre-Owned Van Laar OIRAM Bb Trumpet: A Masterpiece in Brushed Gold

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled performance of the pre-owned Van Laar OIRAM Bb Trumpet, a truly exceptional instrument for the discerning musician. Plated in brushed gold, this trumpet is not only a visual masterpiece but also a pinnacle of musical engineering, embodying the original essence of the OIRAM series – known today as the OIRAM I.

Elegant Design and Exceptional Condition:

  • Brushed Gold Plate: The trumpet boasts a 98% intact brushed gold plating, with minor signs of tarnish and wear spots that add character without detracting from its stunning appearance or sound quality.
  • Historical Significance: As the original model in the OIRAM series, designed before the introduction of subsequent models, this OIRAM I is a collector's dream. Manufactured in 2008, it represents a significant piece of Van Laar's history.
  • Bauerfeind Valves: Equipped with the highly sought-after Bauerfeind valves, known for their precision and reliability, this trumpet offers an exceptionally smooth playing experience.

Unmatched Playability and Versatility:

  • Finely Balanced Weight Distribution: Despite being the heaviest trumpet in Van Laar's lineup, the OIRAM's weight is so finely balanced that it ensures comfortable play over extended periods, free from discomfort.
  • Excellent Slotting with Varied Tone: The trumpet's design facilitates excellent slotting, allowing for a sound that ranges from dark and smoky to bright and clear. This versatility makes the OIRAM ideal for a variety of musical settings, from combo play to wind bands or lead performances.
  • Designed by Mario Garzaniti: In collaboration with Belgian architect Mario Garzaniti, the OIRAM trumpet (like its flugelhorn counterpart) boasts a unique design that merges aesthetic beauty with functional brilliance.

A Universal Instrument for Diverse Settings: The OIRAM's universality is one of its standout features. Whether used in combo playing, within a wind band, or as a commanding lead instrument, it adapts effortlessly to any musical context, delivering performances that captivate and inspire.

Own a Piece of Van Laar's Legacy: This pre-owned Van Laar OIRAM Bb Trumpet is more than an instrument; it's a piece of art, a slice of history, and a testament to Van Laar's commitment to excellence. Offering both aesthetic elegance and unmatched musicality, it stands as a prized possession for any musician lucky enough to call it their own. Embrace the opportunity to own a brushed gold Van Laar OIRAM I, and let its timeless sound and beauty elevate your musical journey.