Pocket Compression Training System - PCTS

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PCTS - Pocket Compression Training System

Introducing the Pocket Compression Training System (PCTS) by Larry Meregillano, a compact and innovative solution designed to silently exercise the muscles of the embouchure while maintaining the correct muscular coordination needed to compress the air through the vibrating aperture. This portable system offers brass players the convenience of a full-scale Compression Training System in a more compact and travel-friendly design.

The Pocket Compression Training System is perfect for brass players of all levels who aim to experience the proper muscular coordination and need to maintain their embouchure strength quietly and effectively. Dedication to your craft remains essential, but with the PCTS, you can accelerate your progress by exercising silently and correctly, even on the go.

Suitable for most brass instruments, including trombone, trumpet, euphonium, and alto horn, the PCTS helps players develop and maintain the critical muscle memory required for efficient playing.


- Designed for brass players of all skill levels
- Trains muscle coordination to use compression efficiently
- Portable and allows for silent exercise
- Develops endurance, power, and range
- Accelerates progress and builds muscle memory
- Provides a workout comparable to a 4-hour gig in less time
- Offers daily exercise routines to maintain facial muscles when playing is not possible
- Enables tracking and measuring progress in Torr pressure development

Included in the Pocket Compression Training System:

At the heart of the Pocket Compression Training System is the Pocket Compression Trainer, an accurate measuring device that provides natural, fluid back pressure with instantaneous feedback. This trainer helps develop the necessary muscular coordination for proper air compression, allowing you to practice silently while maintaining and strengthening your embouchure muscles.

Experience the freedom to train anywhere with the PCTS, and take your brass playing to new heights with this compact and efficient training system.