Parduba 5.5 Double-Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece -

Parduba 5.5 Double-Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece -

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Parduba 5.5 Double-Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece: Elevate Your Performance

Discover the renewed classic: the Parduba double cup trumpet mouthpieces size #5.5. Designed for those seeking ease and versatility in their performances, this mouthpiece uniquely combines the features of two mouthpieces into one streamlined design.

Double-Cup Advantage:

The double-cup design offers unparalleled ease when playing in the high register. No more struggling with challenging tones above the staff; with Parduba, it sounds just as it should. For soloists or those tackling difficult passages, the elusive extreme high tones become more accessible, all without sacrificing the richness of middle and lower registers.

Parduba 5.5 Trumpet Mouthpiece Dimensions

  • Parduba Size: 5.5
  • Compares favorably with popular models like Bach 12C and Schilke 5-6A4a.
  • Cup Diameter:
    • Inches: 39/64
    • Millimeters: 15.52
  • Available in a range of inner diameters from 3 (smallest) to 8 (largest).

The Parduba 5.5 Double-Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece is not just an instrument accessory; it’s a game-changer for performers. Experience the range, the ease, and the quality that only Parduba can deliver. Upgrade your playing experience today.

Parduba 5.5 Custom Options

No need to wait for months for a custom Parduba 5.5 trumpet mouthpiece. Bore (throat), backbore, shank adjustments, and gold plating can all be done in a day or so from when you order an in stock mouthpiece. We offer the following services:

  • custom bore (throat) sizes
  • backbore alterations to other popular sizes
  • converting for Reeves Sleeves
  • altering the shank size
  • gold plating
  • custom hand-stamped initials