Morris Northcutt Moliendo Café CD

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"Moliendo Cafe," the vibrant sequel to the acclaimed "Tonada," sees Morris Northcutt using his emotive trumpet play to bridge diverse cultures and celebrate the human spirit. This album features a rich tapestry of sounds—from the lively Venezuelan beats to the poignant melodies inspired by African American history, including a notable piece by William Grant Still. Additionally, Jerry Goldsmith's "Papillon" adds cinematic depth, showcasing Northcutt's mastery in reimagining complex compositions.

Produced and arranged by Latin Grammy-nominated Justo Morao, Northcutt collaborates with prominent Venezuelan musicians like multi-grammy-winning Domingo Pagliuca and Edward Ramírez. The album is filled with joyous rhythms and reflective melodies. Each track is crafted to tell a story, transcending words to touch the soul.

"Moliendo Cafe" is more than just music; it's an invitation to experience the power of musical storytelling. Highlighted by the inclusion of "Papillon," this album celebrates music's ability to connect and inspire, making it a must-have for anyone seeking to explore the depth of human emotions and the universality of music.

Track Listing:

Moliendo Café (Blanco, Manzo) 3:13

When Sunny Gets Blue (Fisher, Segal) 3:52

Apure En Un Viaje (Prieto) 3:14
Featuring Domingo Pagliuca

Papillon (Goldsmith) 2:34

Adiós A Ocumare (Landaeta) 2:56

Summerland (Still) 4:30

Brujería (Baltodano) 1:44
Featuring Edward Ramírez

Oblivion (Piazzolla) 3:35

Portrait Of A Trumpet (Nestico) 5:09