Los Angeles Trumpet Ensemble - Homage CD

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 "Homage" by the Los Angeles Trumpet Ensemble

Dive deep into the heart of Los Angeles' rich trumpet history with the Los Angeles Trumpet Ensemble's "Homage." Crafted with meticulous passion, this collection resurrects the spirit of the iconic 1957 Tutti's Trumpets album while magnifying the contemporary brilliance of today's session trumpet players.

Album Overview:

In "Homage", Jeff Bunnell and Wayne Bergeron usher in a renewed celebration of LA's legendary trumpet scene. The album showcases the versatility and grandeur of a trumpet choir, paying a heartfelt tribute to revered film composers and trumpeters who have left an indelible mark on the city's recording history.

Key Features:

  • A spectrum of genres, from classical fanfares to jazz standards.
  • Solos spotlighting the individual virtuosity of ensemble members.
  • Reflects the ethos of LA’s trumpet legacy and pays homage to its greats.

The Ensemble:

The Los Angeles Trumpet Ensemble features:

  • Jeff Bunnell
  • Wayne Bergeron
  • Jon Lewis
  • Dan Fornero
  • Marissa Benedict
  • Dan Rosenboom
  • Rob Schaer
  • Larry Hall
  • Dan Savant

With each member adept at playing first trumpet, the arrangements seamlessly circulate the lead parts within the group, giving each trumpet ensemble member a chance to shine.

Experience Homage:

Join the Los Angeles Trumpet Ensemble in a sonic journey that reverberates with historical resonance while embracing the modern spirit. "Homage" is more than just an album; it's a chronicle of the ever-evolving trumpet legacy of Los Angeles.

  1. Give It One (Maynard Ferguson / Alan Downey) 2:42
    Featured Soloist: Wayne Bergeron
  2. Main Theme from "Silverado" (Bruce Broughton) 2:09
    Soloist: Jon Lewis
  3. Joy Spring (Clifford Brown) 4:00
    Trumpet soli from a solo by Tom Harrell
  4. Main Theme from "JFK" (John Williams) 2:58
    Featured Soloist: Jon Lewis
  5. Song For Barry (Michael Brecker) 3:04
    Trumpet soli from a solo by Michael Brecker
  6. Main Theme and Love Theme from "The River" (John Williams) 5:10
    Soloist: Jeff Bunnell
  7. Birdland (Joe Zawinul) 3:03
    Soloist: Wayne Bergeron
  8. Main Title from "Superman" (John Williams) 4:18
  9. On Green Dolphin Street, (Bronislaw Kaper / Ned Washington) 2:20
    Featured Soloist: Jeff Bunnell
  10. Fanfare from "Grand Canyon" (James Newton Howard) 2:12
  11. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Johnny Mandel) 1:57
  12. Procession Of The Nobles (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) 4:33
  13. In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington / Manny Kurtz / Irving Mills) 4:46
    Improvisation Soloist: Jeff Bunnell
  14. Olympic Fanfare and Theme (John Williams) 4:00
  15. Trumpeter's Prayer (Tutti Camarata) 2:11
    Featured Soloist: Wayne Bergeron
  16. When The Saints Go Marching In (traditional) 1:33
  17. Love Theme from "Chinatown" (Jerry Goldsmith) 1:48
    Featured Soloist: Larry Hall
  18. Liberty Fanfare (John Williams) 2:53
  19. Roof Garden (Al Jarreau / Jay Graydon / Tom Canning) 3:31
    Featured Soloist: Wayne Bergeron