Greg Black NY Legend Mouthpiece

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The Greg Black NY Legend Trumpet Mouthpiece is based on the prominent designs favored by East Coast musicians for decades. They feature comfortable rims and well-balanced cup and backbore combinations. The mouthpieces are one-piece designs and come silver-plated. Gold plating available on request.

Greg Black NY Legend Trumpet Mouthpieces are available:

NY Legend 6S Cup Shallow, Cup Diameter 16.7mm, .664in

NY Legend 7S Cup Shallow, Cup Diameter 16.5mm, .656in

NY Legend 7M Cup Medium, Cup Diameter 16.5mm, .656in

NY Legend 10S Cup Shallow, Cup Diameter 16.0, .640in

NY Legend 10M Cup Medium, Cup Diameter 16.0, .640in


About Greg Black Mouthpieces

Greg Black has been making mouthpieces for trumpet, trombone, french horn, and tuba since 1985. Greg worked at the famed Giardinelli Band Instrument Co. when it was located at 151 West 46th Street in New York City, first making stock mouthpieces then moving to custom work under Bob Giardinelli.