EV Trumpet Mouthpieces

EV Trumpet Mouthpieces

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The EV series mouthpieces feature wide, cushioned rims and a shallow cup that make it a popular choice for Mariachi and Banda trumpet players.

EV Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Rim Diameters

All EV trumpet mouthpieces have the same rim shape and contour. The rim has a soft bite with a wide, cushion rim. The difference between models is the inner diameter of the rim. The inner diameters are as follows:

  • EV 5: .626" 15.90mm
  • EV5.5: .631” 16.03mm
  • EV6: .636” 16.15mm
  • EV6.5: .641” 16.28mm
  • EV7: .646” 16.41mm
  • EV7.5: .651" 16.54mm
  • EV8: 656" 16.66mm
  • EV 8.5: .661" 16.79mm

EV Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Cup Shape

All EV Series trumpet mouthpieces have the same cup shape. The cup is an extra-shallow bowl shape that provides a bright, vibrant sound.

EV Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Bore and Backbore

All EV Series trumpet mouthpieces have a 28 bore. The EV backbore is specially designed to be efficient, with a projecting, vibrant sound, and precise articulation.