Clary Woodmutes Wilkins Woodtone (Solotone) Mute

Clary Woodmutes Wilkins Woodtone (Solotone) Mute

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The Wilkins Wood-Tone Mute - An extremely fun-to-play mute that is a nod to the vintage solo-tone.  The Wood-Tone is resonant, plays in-tune, and offers minimal resistance.

The Wood-Tone is made from segments of purpleheart, padauk, mahogany, sapele, walnut, and yellowheart.

Fits Bb and C trumpets.  Weight is about 5 oz (150 g).

Clary Woodmutes are handmade from domestic and exotic hardwood.  They are finished with shellac and buffed and waxed to make them pretty and shiny.  The inside is finished with a protective-coating of mineral oil.  All mutes come with an attractive handmade black velvet bag!