Clary Woodmutes Practice Mute

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Clary Woodmutes are handmade from domestic and exotic hardwood.  They are finished with shellac and buffed and waxed to make them pretty and shiny.  The inside is finished with a protective-coating of mineral oil.  

The practice mute fits both Bb and C Trumpets.  It uses a ring of 3mm EVA foam as a cork to ensure a very-secure connection with the trumpet.


Dark wood - Made of Purple Heart, pad auk, Peruvian walnut, and Honduran Mahogany.

Light wood - Made of Cherry and Walnut.

The practice mute utilizes a 1/4 in. copper pipe to aid in intonation and the free-blowing character of the mute.  The practice mute weighs about 100grams (about 3.5 oz.)

All mutes come with an attractive handmade black velvet bag!