Clary Woodmutes Limited Edition Confetti Cup Mute

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Clary Woodmutes are handmade from domestic and exotic hardwood.  They are finished with shellac and buffed and waxed to make them pretty and shiny.  The inside is finished with a protective-coating of mineral oil.  

All mutes come with an attractive handmade black velvet bag!

About the Limited Edition Custom Confetti Cup Mute

With the same basic design as the other Clary Woodmutes cup mutes, this colorful and fun limited-edition straight plays superbly in-tune with minimal resistance. This mute is handmade from colorful spectraply, comprised of multiple thin layers of dyed premium-grade birch wood.

Clary Woodmutes fit both Bb and C Trumpets.  They can be easily used without cork modification in standard and large-bell trumpets.

The mutes play extremely-well in tune and have a great response in all ranges of the instrument.  They have both an amazing soft voice and the ability to cut when pushed. They are unique-looking, and will usually attract attention from your fellow musicians! 

The corks are constructed of two laminated layers: cork and foam.  This cork construction allows easy insertion of the mute and ensures that the mute will not fall out during a performance.

Although they are made from wood, the mutes are lightweight, the straight mutes weighing in at approximately 80 grams (about 3 oz.) and the cup mutes at about 125 grams (4.5 oz).  They are strong and will take the abuse of being shoved into a mute bag night after night.