Charley Davis Trumpet

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Charley Davis has been a studio musician and Trumpet player for over thirty years. In addition to his experience as a player, Charley has always been interested in the design of the Trumpet. Over the years, he worked directly with manufacturers to refine the dynamics and sound of the instrument. While many famous Trumpet players have manufactured instruments played by musicians in the Los Angeles studios, most of these brands have not survived. Those that have survived do so in name only without the characteristic color of the original horns. Over the course of his career, Charley has played many of these prized instruments crafted by artisans long gone. Armed with the belief that he and his fellow professionals would embrace a finely crafted trumpet of exceptional sound, Charley followed his vision and took on the task of creating a contemporary version of those venerated horns.

Charles Davis Trumpet Design

The legacy Trumpet designs have all but disappeared or changed once the craftsman and artist passed on. The Charles Davis Trumpet is a return to the traditions of design and sound. Improvements have been made in manufacturing to deliver a horn of present day standards. Valve action and construction have greatly improved while remaining true to the original design.

Charles Davis Trumpet Handcrafted Style

The Charles Davis Trumpet is uniquely crafted in the style of the artisan, and with great attention to detail. Mr. Davis personally plays each instrument before it is shipped, adjusting it for the desired response and sound. Further, to insure the highest quality, each trumpet undergoes a Bob Reeves Valve Alignment with the certificate of authenticity enclosed.

About the Models

The Charles Davis Trumpet is available in two series - one based on the 1S bell design popular in the Hollywood studios for many years, the other, the CD Signature bell based on Charley Davis's personal 37 bell flare. 

The 1S bell is available with the #2, 3, 7, or 9 leadpipe.

The CD Signature bell is available with the #25 or New York 6 pipe.

All C. Davis trumpets are available in Medium, Medium Large, or Medium Large Plus bore.

Available in lacquer or silver plate.