Bob Reeves Brass Leather Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch - Double or Quad

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Bob Reeves Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece Leather Pouch

Handcrafted for Protection and Convenience

Safeguard your valuable mouthpieces with the Bob Reeves Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch, a combination of practical design and durable construction. Each pouch is handcrafted with care, ensuring your mouthpieces stay protected and secure.

Quality Leather Construction

Made with black leather, this pouch is designed to be both sturdy and elegant. It’s a functional yet stylish accessory, ideal for musicians who value quality and durability.

Embossed Logo

The front of the pouch features the Bob Reeves Brass logo, embossed for a touch of elegance. It signifies the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, assuring you of its durability and reliability.

Choice of Capacity

Select the double pouch to hold 2 trumpet mouthpieces or the quad pouch for up to 4 mouthpieces. Each option offers a snug fit, ensuring your items are secure and protected during transport or storage.

Secure Velcro Enclosure

The pouch is equipped with a robust Velcro enclosure to keep your mouthpieces safely tucked inside. It’s easy to open and close, offering quick access to your items when needed.

Velcro Backing for Easy Attachment

With the additional Velcro backing, attach the pouch to your case or bag for added convenience. It ensures your mouthpieces are easily accessible and always close at hand.

Practical and Durable

The Bob Reeves Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch is a practical choice for musicians seeking a reliable solution to store and protect their mouthpieces. With its quality construction and thoughtful design, it’s a dependable accessory for everyday use.