Trumpet Mouthpiece by Bob Reeves Brass

High Efficiency Trumpet Mouthpiece by Bob Reeves Brass

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Each Bob Reeves Brass trumpet mouthpiece is handcrafted and made-to-order the same way we have been making them for over 50 years. The High Efficiency trumpet mouthpieces are designed to meet demanding upper register work modern lead trumpet players and commercial players might find. 

Only recommended for players who are comfortable playing small diameter rims and shallow cups.


Rim Size - 39/64", .609", 15.47mm

Cup Depths

EX - Extremely shallow bowl shaped cup
XV - Extremely shallow v-shaped cup

Backbore sizes

HV - High velocity for maximum projection and sizzle in the upper register
BA - The "bazooka" designed for power and efficiency

The high efficiency trumpet mouthpieces are available with either a 30 bore or 29 bore.