Flugelhorn Mouthpiece by Bob Reeves Brass

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Handcrafted screw-rim flugelhorn mouthpiece. Please choose your rim size, cup shape, and shank style.

Rim Sizes (smallest diameter to largest):

  • 40 - 40/64", .625", 15.875mm, 10-1/2C Mt. Vernon
  • 41 - 41/64", .641", 16.28mm, 7C Mt. Vernon
  • 42 - 42/64", .656, 16.66mm, 3C Elkhart
  • 43 - 43/64", .672", 17.09mm, 3C, Shew Jazz
  • 43N - 43/64", .672", 17.09mm, 2-1/2C
  • 43W - 43/64", .672", 17.09mm, 3CW
  • 43.5 - 43.5/64", .680", 17.27mm, 1-1/2C, 5C
Cup Description
F Our shallowest flugelhorn cup. The F cup is an all around, easy to play flugelhorn cup that gets a good, rich flugelhorn sound combined with ease of playing.
FE The FE cup is a good option for jazz and big band players that want a darker sound than the F. It has a solid core but provides more breadth in the sound for solo playing.
DF The DF cup is designed for European-style brass band playing and for classical settings such as brass quintet, solo literature, and off-stage orchestral parts.
HF Our warmest, darkest sounding cup available. Great for playing in the staff on ballads and smooth jazz, it is not recommended for extended upper register work.