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S.E. Shires TBMDP Michael Davis+ Artist Model Trombone: A Harmony of Precision and Versatility

Introducing the S.E. Shires TBMDP Michael Davis+ Artist Model Trombone, a remarkable instrument that epitomizes the fusion of artistic vision and masterful craftsmanship. Developed in close collaboration with the trombone virtuoso Michael Davis, this model expands upon the celebrated attributes of the original Michael Davis trombone, offering a design that caters to musicians seeking a bit more breadth in their instrument's capabilities.

This is a demo floor model horn that may have minor surface scratches and blemishes.

Distinctive Design for Exceptional Performance:

  • MD+ Bell: The custom 7.75-inch, yellow-brass bell features a hand-hammered MD custom taper, lightweight construction, traditionally brazed seams, and a soldered bead. This bell design ensures a sound that is clear and pure, with a strong fundamental, maintaining consistent tone color and overtone structure across all dynamics.

  • Precision and Clarity: The lightweight nickel-silver handslide construction, complete with MD cork barrels and a narrow right-hand slide brace, facilitates clean, precise articulations, enhancing the trombone's responsiveness and agility.

  • Responsive SY1.5 Tuning Slide: Crafted from drawn yellow brass, the tuning slide contributes to the instrument's ease of playing and projection, hallmarks of the S.E. Shires craftsmanship.

  • T08MD Handslide and T08+1.5 Leadpipe: The .508-inch handslide, paired with a yellow-brass crook and the T08+1.5 leadpipe in yellow brass, offers an ideal blend of warmth and roundness with a core sound that has both sizzle and depth.

Versatile Artistry: The Michael Davis+ Artist Model Trombone shines in its versatility, perfectly at home in jazz, commercial, or any setting that demands both nimbleness and a broad tonal palette. Its design elements, unique to this model, provide musicians with the capability to explore a wide range of musical expressions and styles.

Custom Engraving and Complete Package:

  • Custom Engraving: Adorned with the S.E. Shires Michael Davis model custom engraving, this trombone stands as a testament to its unique heritage and the collaboration between Michael Davis and S.E. Shires.

  • Professional Ensemble: Accompanied by an S.E. Shires tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit, this model comes with everything needed to maintain its pristine condition and performance readiness.

The S.E. Shires TBMDP Michael Davis+ Artist Model Trombone represents the pinnacle of trombone design, offering musicians the opportunity to achieve unparalleled musical expression. With its blend of precision, versatility, and warmth, it sets a new standard for performance and artistic exploration.

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