S.E. Shires Q11RS C Trumpet - Silver Plate (TRQ11RS)

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Shires TRQ11RS C Trumpet: A Symphony of Power and Precision

Introducing the Shires TRQ11RS C Trumpet, a cornerstone of orchestral brilliance designed to elevate the performance of the discerning musician. This exceptional instrument combines a commanding presence with unparalleled responsiveness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the perfect blend of power, clarity, and agility in an orchestral setting.

Design Excellence for Orchestral Mastery:

  • Open Bell Taper: The Q11 bell, a 4 13/16-inch one-piece, hand-hammered masterpiece in yellow brass with a round brass bead, features a more open taper that enriches the trumpet's sound with a big, resonant tone. This design ensures ease of response across all dynamics, enabling powerful performances that project effortlessly.

  • Revolutionary Leadpipe: Equipped with a QR reverse leadpipe, sporting a .348-inch venturi in heavyweight yellow brass, the TRQ11RS offers an open, free-blowing experience. Well-defined slots and an easy response make even the most intricate passages accessible and precise.

  • Optimized Sound Characteristics: Nickel-silver balusters and valve caps not only enhance the instrument's aesthetic appeal but also enrich its sound, adding brilliance and depth. This contributes to a clean, immediate attack, ensuring every note is articulated with clarity.

Specifications Tailored for the Professional:

  • Key: C, providing the tonal center favored in orchestral compositions and settings.

  • Bore Size: The .462 inch bore offers a perfect balance between resistance and open playability, facilitating a sound that is both firm and flexible.

  • Precision Engineered Components: Hand-lapped monel pistons ensure smooth, fast action, while the standard weight two-piece casings with nickel balusters enhance durability and sound projection.

Artistic and Functional Elegance:

  • Aesthetic Details: The silver-plated finish of the TRQ11RS reflects its premium status, complemented by the S.E. Shires maker's mark, model designation, and a traditional floral pattern bell engraving that signifies its exclusivity.

Complete Orchestral Package:

  • Included with the TRQ11RS is a Q Series trumpet case, mouthpiece, and care kit, ensuring that this exquisite instrument is maintained at the highest standard, ready to accompany you in rehearsals, performances, and beyond.

The Shires TRQ11RS C Trumpet is not merely an instrument; it is an orchestral partner poised to bring your musical visions to life. With its ideal balance of breadth, clarity, and projection, the TRQ11RS stands ready to command the stage, offering a playing experience that is as rewarding as it is inspiring. Whether you're leading an ensemble or blending within a section, the TRQ11RS C Trumpet promises to be an invaluable asset in your musical journey.