S.E. Shires Q Series Large Bore Tenor Trombone Gold Brass Bell w/Axial Valve (TBQ30GA)

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S.E. Shires TBQ30GA Q Series Large Bore Trombone: A Harmonic Convergence of Tone and Versatility

Introducing the TBQ30GA from S.E. Shires, an embodiment of the craftsmanship and tonal excellence that has positioned S.E. Shires at the pinnacle of brass instrument manufacturing. The TBQ30GA is a large bore trombone that blends the revered clarity of sound and projection S.E. Shires is known for with the warmth and richness of gold brass, making it a stellar choice for trombonists across all genres.

Key Features:

  • Superior Tone Quality: The QTY bell, an 8½-inch, two-piece, hand-hammered “QI” taper crafted in lightweight gold brass with a soldered bead, produces a clear, singing tone. Its construction ensures excellent projection and clarity, embodying the instrument's soulful essence.

  • Broad and Clear Sound: Featuring a .547 bore handslide in standard weight yellow brass, the Q30GA offers a broad sound palette that does not compromise on clarity, color, or projection, even in the most demanding pieces.

  • Crisp Articulations: The addition of a nickel handslide crook sharpens articulations, making every note crisp and every dynamic shift brilliant, enhancing the player's expression and musicality.

  • Axial-Flow Valve: The axial-flow F valve on the Q30GA ensures an open low register and a broad, encompassing tone quality across all registers, providing seamless transitions and a rich harmonic spectrum.

  • Versatile Performance: Designed to excel in any ensemble, the Q30GA large bore trombone is as adept in a symphony orchestra as it is leading a jazz ensemble, thanks to its versatile design and responsive playability.

Additional Specifications:

  • QW47 Handslide: .547-inch, standard-weight yellow brass with a nickel-silver wide crook for fluid playability.
  • Interchangeable Leadpipes: Three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes offer the player customizable resistance and response.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Adorned with the S.E. Shires makers mark and a traditional floral pattern, the Q30GA not only plays beautifully but looks stunning.

Complete Package: This trombone comes with a Q Series tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit, ensuring that you have everything needed to maintain the instrument in peak condition.

The S.E. Shires TBQ30GA Large Bore Trombone stands as a testament to what a brass instrument can achieve, offering a perfect blend of warmth, projection, and versatility. Whether you're performing in an intimate chamber setting or a large concert hall, the Q30GA delivers a performance that resonates with both players and audiences alike.