S.E. Shires David Rejano Artist Model Large Bore Tenor Trombone (TBDR)

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S.E. Shires TBDR David Rejano Artist Model: The Epitome of Elegance and Mastery

"Imagine that you have an idea, a concept, a sound in mind. Now imagine that there is a company that believes in your vision and works restlessly to make it happen. And so was born my S.E. Shires David Rejano Artist Model, the instrument in which I finally found a true extension of who I am as a musician, a way to really communicate through my trombone. Pure joy on every note I play!" - David Rejano

Introducing the S.E. Shires TBDR David Rejano Artist Model Trombone, a creation that transcends the ordinary to achieve unparalleled beauty, elegance, and sonic power. Crafted in collaboration with the virtuoso David Rejano, this instrument is a masterpiece of design and performance, offering an exceptional playing experience for the discerning musician.

Artisanal Design: The David Rejano Artist Model is a triumph of craftsmanship, merging innovative design with exquisite materials. Its aesthetic elegance is matched only by the depth and richness of its sound, making it a beacon of sophistication in the world of trombones.

Lyrical Sound Quality: At the core of its auditory allure is the detachable-flare gold-brass bell, paired with a gold-brass handslide. This combination weaves a complex sonic palette, enabling musicians to project a sound that is both captivating and uniquely expressive, embodying David Rejano's passionate and lyrical style.

Revolutionary Valve Design: Featuring the David Rejano Rotary Valve, this model introduces a closed wrap serpentine rotor that enhances stability and control, allowing for nuanced expression in and out of the valve register. This innovation ensures every note is delivered with precision and intent.


  • DR Bell: An 8.5-inch modified two-piece, hand-hammered “TI” taper in standard weight gold brass, designed for clarity and projection, complete with traditionally brazed seams and a detachable flare.
  • S.E. Shires Rejano Rotary F Valve: A bespoke feature that offers smooth transitions and flawless articulation.
  • TDS Tuning Slide: Crafted from german rose brass, adding warmth and depth to the trombone’s voice.
  • TW47GC Handslide: A .547-inch, standard-weight yellow brass slide with a gold brass wide crook, ensuring fluid playability.

A Signature Engraving: The trombone is adorned with a custom engraving that captures the spirit of the horn—the indomitable bull—symbolizing the strength and passion behind David Rejano's playing style.

Complete Ensemble: This model comes with a choice of three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes, an S.E. Shires tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit, offering everything needed for the musician to reach new heights of expression and excitement.

The S.E. Shires TBDR David Rejano Artist Model Trombone stands as a testament to the fusion of artistic vision and precision engineering. It invites players into a realm of musical expression that is both profound and exhilarating, perfect for those who seek not just to play, but to truly connect with their music.