S.E. Shires Vintage New York Tenor Trombone w/Dual-bore (TBVNYDB)

S.E. Shires Vintage New York Tenor Trombone w/Dual-bore (TBVNYDB)

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S.E. Shires TBVNYDB Vintage New York Trombone: Timeless Craftsmanship Meets Modern Precision

Introducing the S.E. Shires TBVNYDB Vintage New York Trombone with Dual Bore Rotor, a remarkable fusion of vintage charm and contemporary innovation. Perfectly suited for professional musicians and advanced students alike, this trombone is inspired by the iconic New York and Mt. Vernon designs, delivering a classic sound enriched by modern enhancements.

Key Features of the TBVNYDB Vintage New York Trombone:

  • TII 5YVNY Bell: The 8.5-inch, one-piece, hand-hammered bell features the broader "TII" taper in yellow brass, creating a large, rich, and warm sound. The bell's traditionally brazed seam and soldered bead ensure a consistent tone color and overtone structure across all dynamic ranges, producing a clear, pure sound with a strong fundamental.

  • Dual Bore Rotor: Equipped with the S.E. Shires dual bore rotor, this trombone offers quicker response and nimble playability, allowing for seamless transitions and enhanced musical expression.

  • TX Tuning Slide: The "X" taper tuning slide, crafted from yellow brass with drawn tubing, contributes to the trombone's resonance and tonal stability, ensuring smooth and reliable performance.

  • TB47 Handslide: Featuring a .547-inch bore with a standard weight yellow brass construction and a nickel-silver bass crook, the handslide provides a broad sound and open feel, supporting the instrument's overall playability and tonal richness.

Vintage Sound with Modern Playability: The S.E. Shires TBVNYDB Vintage New York Trombone combines the best elements of classic New York and Mt. Vernon designs with the consistency, playability, and projection that have made S.E. Shires trombones the favorites of professionals worldwide. The yellow-brass bell produces a timeless, warm sound, while the modern dual bore rotor and handslide design ensure responsive and effortless performance.

Customizable and Elegant:

  • Interchangeable Leadpipes: Includes three interchangeable yellow-brass leadpipes, allowing for customization of the instrument's response and feel to match your unique playing style.
  • Artistic Bell Engraving: Adorned with the S.E. Shires maker's mark and a traditional floral pattern, the bell reflects the instrument's superior craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty.

Complete Professional Setup: The TBVNYDB Vintage New York Trombone comes with a S.E. Shires tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit, providing everything needed to maintain the instrument in peak condition and ready for any performance setting.

Embrace the Legacy of Excellence: The S.E. Shires TBVNYDB Vintage New York Trombone with Dual Bore Rotor stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of trombone craftsmanship. Whether performing in an orchestra, a jazz ensemble, or as a soloist, this trombone offers the rich, warm sound and exceptional playability that define the best of both vintage and modern worlds. Experience the harmony of tradition and innovation with the Vintage New York Trombone, and let your music resonate with unmatched depth and clarity.