S.E. Shires Custom Large Bore Tenor Trombone Yellow Brass Bell w/Axial Flow Valve (TBSCA)

S.E. Shires Custom Large Bore Tenor Trombone Yellow Brass Bell w/Axial Flow Valve (TBSCA)

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S.E. Shires Custom Large Bore Tenor Trombone: A Legacy of Excellence

Introducing the S.E. Shires Custom Large Bore Tenor Trombone (Model TBSCA), a masterpiece that embodies the pinnacle of trombone design and performance. Renowned for its unparalleled clarity, consistency, and projection, this instrument is a testament to the legacy of S.E. Shires, making it a preferred choice among professional musicians worldwide. The Custom model harmonizes the responsive nature of a one-piece bell with the expansive tone and centered feel of a two-piece bell, offering a playing experience that is both invigorating and precise.

Key Features:

  • 7YLW Bell: The 8.5-inch, two-piece, hand-hammered "TI" taper bell in lightweight yellow brass is a marvel of acoustic engineering. With traditionally brazed seams and a soldered bead, it produces a sound that is clear and pure, yet rich with quick response and a wide spectrum of color.

  • Axial-Flow F Valve: The inclusion of the S.E. Shires axial-flow F valve enhances the trombone's versatility, allowing for smooth, effortless transitions and a seamless extension into the lower registers.

  • TY Tuning Slide: Crafted from yellow brass with drawn tubing, the TY tuning slide contributes to the instrument's easy playability and consistent pitch across all ranges.

  • TW47 Handslide: A .547-inch bore, standard weight yellow brass slide with a nickel-silver wide crook offers exceptional fluidity and control, enabling precise articulations and a broad dynamic range.

  • Customizable Performance: With three interchangeable yellow-brass leadpipes, players can tailor the trombone's response to their individual style, ensuring a personal connection with the instrument that enhances expression and performance.

  • Artistic Details: Adorned with the S.E. Shires maker's mark and a traditional floral pattern, the Custom Trombone not only plays beautifully but also stands as a work of art in its own right.

Complete Professional Setup: This trombone comes equipped with an S.E. Shires tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit, providing everything needed for the highest level of performance maintenance and protection.

The S.E. Shires Custom Trombone is not merely an instrument; it's a partner in musical exploration, offering the artist a canvas upon which to paint their sonic landscapes. Whether leading an ensemble, performing a solo, or blending within a section, this trombone elevates the musician's artistry, inviting them to achieve new heights of musical expression.