Greg Black Trumpet Mouthpiece

Greg Black Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Standard Rim Sizes:

Greg Black 1 - Medium Wide Rim, Cup Diameter 17.3mm/.681in

Greg Black 1 1/4 Medium Wide Rim, Cup Diameter 17.1mm/.673in

Greg Black 1 1/2 Medium Wide Rim, Cup Diameter 16.9mm/.665in

Greg Black 3 Medium Wide Rim, Cup Diameter 16.5mm/.650in

Greg Black Cup Depths
"S" Cup Depth: Shallow
"M" Cup Depth: Medium Shallow
"CS" Cup Depth: Medium 
"C" Cup Depth: Medium Deep
"B" Cup Depth: Deep

Greg Black Commercial Backbore Descriptions 

#1 A tight backbore that provides a brilliant sound.

#2 A backbore that provides resistance yet provides a lively sound.

#2*O A more open version of the #2.

#3 Commercial but can be used for a variety of playing  situations. Very even from top to bottom.  

#4* A tighter version of the #4. 

#4 Open enough to give a full, broad sound.

#4*O A more open version of the #4.

#5* A tighter version of the #5. 

#5 Has power with less resistance to provide a bright tone.

#5*O A more open version of the #5. 

#6 A medium sized, full sounding backbore. Excellent for a variety of styles

Greg Black Classical Backbore Descriptions 

#7 Provides full, warm sound for all around work.

#8 A smaller, yet dark, symphonic sound. "Schmidt" style. 

#8*O A more open version of the #8 backbore. The upper part of the backbore is altered/opened by introducing a partial '87' shape.

#9 A medium sized symphonic backbore that is centered and dark. (a downsized "24" style)

#9*O A more open version of the #9, sized right in between the #9 and #10.

#10 A bigger, darker symphonic sound. Excellent for orchestral work. (a full "24" style)

#11* A slightly tighter version of the #11.

#11 Big and free blowing to help in the upper register. Designed for piccolo use. ( "117" Style)

#12 Very open and free blowing. Sounds extremely dark. ( "87" Style)


Greg Black has been making mouthpieces for trumpet, trombone, french horn, and tuba since 1985. Greg worked at the famed Giardinelli Band Instrument Co. when it was located at 151 West 46th Street in New York City, first making stock mouthpieces then moving to custom work under Bob Giardinelli.