Charley Davis Trumpets, Mutes, and Books

Welcome to the world of Charley Davis - renowned musician, esteemed teacher, and respected innovator. With a career spanning over 30 years, Charley has left his mark in the diverse spheres of music, from motion pictures to Broadway shows, from big bands to Las Vegas showrooms.

As an active musician in the bustling studios of Los Angeles, Charley has performed with luminaries such as Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, and Placido Domingo. His exceptional skill set extends beyond performance - Charley is sought after as a teacher and diagnostic problem solver, enriching the music community with his vast knowledge and experience. Currently, he is sharing his expertise on the faculty of California State University – Long Beach, Citrus College, and the prestigious Henry Mancini Institute.

Charley's passion extends into the realm of design and innovation, resulting in the creation of Charles Davis Music Products Inc. This venture showcases his meticulously crafted line of trumpets, harmon-style mutes, and straight mutes, each reflecting his relentless pursuit of superior sound quality and performance.

Trumpets: Handcrafted by Charley, each trumpet promises unrivaled sound, versatility, and superb craftsmanship. Charley personally ensures the perfect response and sound of each instrument.

Harmon-Style Mutes: Experience unique sound dynamics with Charley's precision-engineered Harmon-Style mutes. They offer musicians a fascinating spectrum of sound manipulation possibilities.

Straight Mutes: Charley's straight mutes deliver a clear, focused tone, making them ideal for both ensemble work and solo performances. These mutes exemplify Charley's commitment to impeccable intonation and unmatched sound quality.

As a clinician, Charley continues to inspire and innovate, shaping the music world with his expertise and passion. Immerse yourself in Charley's legacy, let his dedication to exceptional sound resonate in your musical journey. Explore the Charley Davis collection today and create a symphony that truly echoes with artistry and excellence.