Bach Trombone Mouthpieces

The Bach Trombone Mouthpiece Collection: A Testament to Craftsmanship and Tradition

A Glimpse into the Legacy of Vincent Bach
Born Vincent Shrotenbach in the heart of Vienna in 1890, a young boy was captivated not by the strings of his violin, but by the majestic sound of the trumpet. His journey from the concert halls of Europe, under the stage name Vincent Bach, to the crafting tables in New York is one of passion, innovation, and sheer will.

His transition from being a recognized trumpeter to a craftsman was a product of necessity. During a tour in Pittsburgh, a repair mishap left his cherished mouthpiece in ruins. Unable to find a worthy replacement, Vincent took it upon himself to remodel old mouthpieces during his furloughs in the Selmer Music store's basement. This tinkering laid the foundation for what would become a global legacy.

With a mere investment of $300 in 1918, Vincent's hobby transformed into a blossoming business, leading to the production of the first Bach trumpets by 1924. The quality and sound of these trumpets were so unparalleled that they were often equated with the legendary ‘Stradivarius’ violins, eventually inspiring the iconic name, "Bach Stradivarius." Vincent's foray into the world of trombones around 1928 added yet another feather in his cap.

By 71, Vincent chose to pass the torch to the Selmer Company, ensuring that his legacy would be preserved and nurtured. Today, in Elkhart, Indiana, Bach instruments continue to resonate with Vincent’s vision, retaining their reputation for supreme quality and craftsmanship.

Bach Trombone Mouthpiece Collection
Drawing from the essence of Vincent Bach's dedication and his commitment to quality, our trombone mouthpiece collection epitomizes excellence. Each mouthpiece, crafted with precision and care, offers unique tonal qualities tailored for different player needs:

  • Bach 5G: A standard for many large bore trombones, offering an even response and clear articulation throughout registers.
  • Bach 6.5AL (Large Shank): Boasting a versatile design, perfect for both trombones and euphoniums, with a slightly larger backbore for a rich, full sound.
  • Bach 6.5AL (Small Shank): A widely-popular choice for medium-large trombones and euphoniums, recognized for its impeccable balance and playability.
  • Bach 1-1/2G: Tailored for the serious bass trombone player, it produces a powerful, resonating tone, especially in the lower registers.

From the heart of Vienna to the global stage, the story of Vincent Bach and his mouthpieces is not just about musical instruments, but about an undying passion for sound. Our Bach Trombone Mouthpiece Collection, built on this century-old foundation, invites you to be a part of this remarkable journey and legacy. Embrace the excellence, history, and the unmatched sound of Bach.