Rejano Mutes Practice Mutes for Trombone & Bass Trombone

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We are proud to carry the Rejano Mutes line of practice mutes for trombone and bass trombone. These mutes solve the age-old problem with practice mutes of finding the balance between blow resistance and being quiet enough. 

Practice Mute Features:

Light weight (4oz for Tenor Trombone and 8oz for Bass Trombone), something very valuable for long practice sessions.  

- Perfectly stable pitch, which makes practice time much more real.

- The exact amount of resistance that offers you the most realistic approach to playing without a mute.

- Very resistant material... Because we all have accidents!

- Attractive design. Based on a wine decanter shape,  we have 7 different colors to be sure to match your taste!                                              

- We use a new material much more durable than cork or neoprene that makes it fit in your bell without any effort.