Compression Training System - CTS

Compression Training System - CTS

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The Compression Training System by Larry Meregillano is the first system of its kind to silently exercise the muscles of the embouchure while employing the correct muscular coordination involved in compressing the air forward through the vibrating aperture.

The Compression Training System is for all types of brass players and all skill levels that want to experience the correct muscular coordination and have the need to maintain their strength while exercising silently in a way that is consistent with their regular brass routines. There are no shortcuts. You must continue to dedicate time to your craft but with the use of the Compression Training System, you can accelerate your progress as you can now stay in shape exercising silently while achieving correct muscular coordination.

The system is good for most brass instruments including trombone, trumpet, euphonium, or alto horn. At this time, we have not yet developed the adapters needed for cornet, french horn, or tuba mouthpieces.


  • for all brass players of all skill levels
  • trains the muscle coordination to use compression and play efficiently
  • the system is portable and allows players to exercise silently
  • helps develop endurance, power, and range
  • accelerates your progress as you build muscle memory
  • the trainer can give a workout comparable to a 4-hour gig in a shorter time
  • daily exercise routines to maintain facial muscles when playing is not possible
  • track and measure your progress as you develop new levels of Torr pressure
  • Included in the Compression Training System

The foundation of the Compression Training System is the Compression Trainer, which is an accurate measuring device that provides natural, fluid back pressure with instantaneous feedback. The Compression Trainer helps to develop the muscular coordination that is necessary to properly compress the air and play efficiently. A key benefit of the Compression Trainer is that it also allows you to practice silently while maintaining and strengthening the muscles used in compression.

Includes the complete Compression Training System, Pencil Tool, Aperture Trainer, the digital ebook, video tutorials, custom trumpet mouthpiece pouch, and carrying bag.