David Rejano Signature Series Trombone Mouthpieces

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Handcrafted trombone mouthpiece in silver plate. Designed and manufactured in a collaboration with The Brass Ark and artist David Rejano, principal trombone of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. All mouthpieces come as two-piece, screw rim models and may be ordered for large shank tenor, Remington shank, or converted for the Reeves Trombone Sleeve System.

  • DR TORO - 25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Standard Blank, orchestral cup depth for a brighter and soaring sound, crisp articulations with great flexibility are characteristics of this piece. Standard outer shape
  • DR ORCH - 25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Standard Blank, medium deep cup with focus specifically designed for a projecting and steerable sound for the principal player in large symphonic settings, Standard outer shape
  • DR SOLO - 25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Mercury Blank, special cup depth to yield clarity and brilliance while maintaining endurance for the solo literature, Mercury outer shape
  • DR DINO (euphonium) -  25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Mercury Blank, designed specifically for orchestral euphonium playing, this mouthpiece brings a smooth sound, predictable slotting and a full color spectrum. Mercury outer shape.

More About David Rejano Cantero

David Rejano is the Principal Trombone of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra since 2016. Before that, he served as Principal Trombone with the Orquestra Sinfonica de Navarra from 2002 to 2007, Principal Trombone with the Orquestra del Gran Teatro del Liceo de Barcelona (Barcelona Opera House) from 2007 to 2010, and Principal Trombone with the Münchner Philharmoniker from 2010 to 2016. Learn more about David at https://www.davidrejano.com/.